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NFC Web-Based Demo

How can I test the NFC Bluetooth Gateway Stylus?

NFC Electronic Medical Records Demo

vWand Demos is a web-based demo environment designed to test the vWand concept in field applications like access to electronic medical reports, inventory management or users and books management in libraries.

Electronic Medical Records Demo
Libraries Demo
Inventory Demo

What do I need to use vWand Demos?

1. vWand Stylus
2. NFC tags
vWand Evaluation Kit

Purchase the Evaluation Kit, which contains both a vWand Stylus and a set of NFC tags.

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3. vWand UID Reader

vWand UID Reader

The vWand UID Reader is an easy to use application for your Android tablet or smartphone that reads the UID from NFC tags with the vWand and inserts the data as text, wherever you have the cursor (database form field, web form field, a spreadsheet, text processor document, notes, e-mail, etc).

For Android
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Available Demos

NFC Demo - Electronic Medical Records

Add and search patients. Update EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

NFC Demo - Libraries

Add and search readers and books. Simulate a book lending process.

NFC Demo - Inventory

Add a piece of equipment to the system. Retrieve the equipment information.