NFC Use Cases

What can I use NFC for? See what vWand can do for you

NFC Health - EMR

In a healthcenter every patient will have a personal wristband with an NFC tag inside which contains a patient’s ID. The doctor would read it with the vWand to identify the patient, and the complete medical record will instantly appear on the screen of his tablet, speeding up the access to patients information, keeping confidentiality of patient information as the wristband does not need to contain any personal information. The doctor can see patients record, and prescribe new treatments and medical tests working with the vWand as a stylus in the tablet.

NFC Health

Another interesting application would be to embed NFC tags on the medicines packages. When the pharmacist dispenses a drug, he can use the vWand application in order to write in the NFC tag the information about the mode of administration, the type of drug or the frequency of administration. When the patient comes back home, he can consult at anywhere and anytime the information contained in the NFC tag using his NFC tablet or Smartphone to read it.

Donation Centers

The same process could be applied on Donations Centers, where each donation would be associated with an NFC tag that contains information that allows to identify the donor, the date of donation, where the donations comes from etc…

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NFC Education

With vWand, the lending process is really fast. Each book will have an NFC tag attached and every user of the library will have a reader card with another NFC tag. The librarian will read both tags using vWand, completing the lending process in a such a simple way. The same process can be used to return the book.


vWand can be the ideal tool for teachers and monitors, bringing new possibilities for educational purposes, thanks to its mobility and ergonomic design. For example, on a trip, to control the children, vWand will check the NFC tag of each child to be sure that everyone is on board.

NFC Education

During classes, vWand can also be used to interact with books and any object that have an NFC tag, making lessons more entertaining and the learning much more pleasant.

At university, students will access their information about exams, grades, books or teachers’ indications just passing the vWand near a NFC tag placed at the door of each department or the bulletin board.

NFC Education
Museums and Cultural Areas

vWand can be pretty useful in museums and other educational and cultural areas to enable real-time delivery of information.

In museums an NFC tag can be placed next to every artistic piece. While the visitor is watching an art work, he can use vWand to read the NFC tag to have access to additional information about the picture or sculpture on his tablet/smartphone. The information could be the history of the work, author’s biography, videos , photos, see the evolution of the restoration process etc ...

The range of educational applications that can be developed is enormous.

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NFC Management

The management of the inventory can be a much easier task thanks to vWand.
Each product will have an NFC tag so the responsible for the inventory has the information of the stored goods at any time, such as traceability information or the special features and needs of the product.

If the product is updated or the information is extended, thanks to the rewritable NFC tags, the responsible can adequate the activities in real time.

Also the possibility of reducing the time and paper to refill standard forms of a company just having an NFC tag linked to a database, that can be sent by e-mail or printed for use.

NFC Demo - Management

NFC Delivery

The delivery-person can use vWand to scan the NFC tag of a product when it arrives at its final destination, in order to confirm the delivery. The information of the product would appear in his tablet and he can confirm the delivery with the Control Center. After that, the person or business who receives the product, uses his vWand to read the NFC Tag of the product in order to record the load on his stock and consult the product information, such as traceability.


NFC Control

vWand can be particularly useful for companies that need a man-driven monitoring of the operation of their systems and facilities. Every, building, room, machine or equipment that needs to be checked can hold an ID in a NFC tag. The personnel will use vWand to read the NFC tag, meaning that it has been checked, and the information contained would be automatically sent from its smartphone or tablet to the control center and processed in real time.


There is a large number of sectors and companies that can improve their management through vWand. In addition to inventory, logistics and many other applications, Retail sector could benefit of the vWaqnd technology for mobile point of sale (POS), trolleys for pick-up and order fulfillment. As an example of mobile POS, let’s imagine a pay-at-the-table use case in a restaurant. The waiter can use vWand as a stylus to take the orders on the tablet and, the vWand NFC capabilities to read customer’s Contacless payment card or the mobile enabled for NFC payments, charging the bill on the customer account. The customer could sign on the touchscreen of the tablet.


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