NFC Bluetooth Gateway stylus

vWand is the perfect partner to create your own solutions using NFC technology

How to use NFC Bluetooth Gateway Stylus

With vWand you can read NFC tags and send the information to your NFC-less device via Bluetooth. The information appears on screen instantly.


  • Addition of NFC (Near Field Communication) to any tablet or smartphone.
  • Soft rubber nib for interaction with touchscreens that creates a natural way of use.
  • Easy to use, with very simple NFC read and write operation.
  • Total integration and full control of the application running on the tablet or Smartphone, with button-free operation in the vWand.
  • High usability with ergonomic design and natural interface.
  • No configuration required.

NFC Bluetooth Gateway Specs

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Best Start-up

Benefits and scenarios

The vWand is a perfect solution for those (buyers and integrators) that are interested to provide contact-less and proximity solutions. vWand will be easily integrated to your process, application or software solution, providing you NFC capabilities, opening many new opportunities and use cases.

Thanks to its rubber tip and ergonomic design like a Stylus NFC, vWand provides an easy an natural interaction with touch screen devices.

Many applications involving people identification, asset identification, tracking activities, logistics and security access control could be covered by vWand.

Scenarios such as health centers (electronic medical records system), parking management, retail shops, education centers and museums, are clear examples of use.

NFC Use Cases

How the NFC Gateway works

  • Download vWand Apps on Google PlayTM and run them on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Follow the instructions to link vWand with your device via Bluetooth.
  • Once connected, the user can write and read NFC tags using the NFC side.
  • Upon reading the NFC tag, the vWand sends the information to the tablet or smartphone.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

vWand FAQ

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